Build a profitable sales team.

Find bright, driven and ambitious junior sales talent.


Meet a new generation of sales superstars.

We partner with top universities and local entrepreneur-driven communities to create and manage a network of junior sales talent with between 0 and 3 years experience.  No need to sift through hundreds of unqualified applicants, because we use the latest psychometric and behavioural selection tools to help you identify and choose the best and brightest for your sales team.

We screen intensively to find the best fit.

 We know that finding exactly the right fit is critical for your growing sales or client support team, so we

filter candidates based on 10 key selection criteria like personal motivation, values, success behaviours and even entrepreneurial spirit.  Just tell us what you need from your new employee

and we'll make sure you only meet with those who can deliver.  

We teach them to sell better.

Our Sales Boot Camp is a training program designed to help graduates and junior sales professionals

build their selling skills.  All candidates complete this program to a minimum standard before

we introduce them. This unique and comprehensive course gives your new sales recruits the capability to successfully manage a sales cycle from prospecting to getting repeat business.

We'll help keep them accountable.

Our service doesn't stop when your new employee starts.  We'll provide sales coaching

right up to the end of their probationary period to help keep their motivation and activity on track. 

We go the extra mile to ensure they stay accountable and navigate successfully through

the early stages of their new sales role.

A service fee that fits your business.

To help make it easy for you to hire a great junior sales professional, we offer a low

monthly fee structure which helps reduce your risk and increases our commitment to your success. 

That means you never have to pay more than you need to for our recruitment service. 

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